Sunday, April 17, 2016

No Connection.

I know I said I had blogs to follow my previous post but I’ve recently had my beliefs challenged as to whether sororities and eating disorders have a connection and I feel the need to write about it. When I sat back and thought about this, it somewhat made me mad. The thought of my sorority “causing” my eating disorder is just disturbing. Especially since my personal experience was nothing close to that assumption. My sorority was part of my support system. They held me accountable. They are still supporting me now in my advocacy towards eating disorder prevention and awareness. 

To anyone who thinks a sorority would cause an eating disorder:

A sorority IS a group of women who:

·      Build each other up
·      Hold each other accountable
·      Love one another
·      Volunteer together
·      Succeed together
·      Have fun together
·      Care for one another
·      Look out for each other
·      Support one another

A sorority IS NOT a group of women who:
·      Tear each other down
·      Cause their friends grief
·      Are mean to one another
·      Cause their friends to starve themselves
·      Cause their friends to become malnourished
·      Ruin each other’s self confidence
·      Cause their friends to take part in a partial hospitalization program

If anyone in a sorority takes part in the immoral actions I just listed, shame on you. YOU may have caused the eating disorder, not the sorority. 

I am tired of there always being a negative connotation with the word “sorority”. I’m especially disturbed when it’s connected to the words eating disorder, something I personally struggled with. I do not believe a sorority would cause an eating disorder, nor should it ever cause one. I wanted the opportunity to bring a positive light towards sororities as most times people seem to assume and think otherwise.

With Love,
 Johannah Michale

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